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So-Just Stories

For example, there is a genre - I call them "So-Just Stories"1 - in which the storyteller justifies his own views by denigration of an alternative said to derive from tainted cultural roots or to promote undesirable social ends. My personal favorite is "How the sociobiologist got his spots." It tells us that sociobiologists read their brutish, capitalist, male-dominated culture into their biology, and then use this debased biology to justify the culture (this is a version of an old tale dating to Marx, who put the spots on Darwin). While we should be alert to such connections, they are unlikely to be so simple. For example, my own sociobiological work on social insects emphasizes altruistic behavior, focuses on females rather than the males, and suggests that collective worker interests are crucial determinants of advanced insect societies. Does this make me a good guy, a nurturing feminist, and a stalwart of the working class? - D.C. Queller. 1995. The Spaniels of St. Marx and the Panglossian Paradox2: A Critique of a Rhetorical Programme // Quart. Rev. Biol. 70(4): 485-489. [курсив мой - А.Б.]